The spiny-backed chimpanzees were bizarre creatures reported from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They were described in a short account that appeared in Philippe Coudray's self-illustrated book Guide des Animaux Cachés (2009). According to Coudray, a member of a unit from the United States Navy who wishes to remain anonymous has claimed that during a mission to the Democratic Congo sometime between 1997 and 2002, the unit's team encountered 13 bipedal chimpanzee-like animals that were attempting to kill another animal.


Standing 4.5-5 feet high, the creature were uniformly gray in color, but by far their most distinctive feature was the series of spines running down each chimp's back, which stood up like porcupine quills whenever the chimps became agitated.

Possible Explanations

Hypotheses include:

  • An unknown ape
  • A hoax


Evidence includes:

  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Video evidence (unreleased)


  • Coudray also stated that the team actually shot a three-minute video film of these extraordinary apes, but that it remains a military secret.