The slender men are a species of strange humanoid beings sometimes seen by humans. Rather than specific individuals, this term refers to a general subcategory of beings.


Descriptions vary from encounter to encounter, but the distinction shared by all depictions is that fact that the creatures in question are incredibly tall and thin, with long thin arms and legs.

Possible Explanations

Hypotheses include:

  • Hoaxes
  • Hallucinations
  • Interdimensional travelers


Evidence includes:

  • Eyewitness testimony

Eyewitness Accounts

I've never had an experience myself but do believe in this and similar phenomena. I had never spoken with my girlfriend about this sub, unknown humanoids or any paranormal occurrences for that matter.

On Friday night she and I were at a friend's house and decided to leave at around 1 am. It's very foggy outside being that we live near rivers and creeks in rural Illinois. She goes to the gas station on her way home to the rural town where we both live about a block away from each other. I get home and don't hear from her for a bit until she calls me very shaken up and crying.

She says on her drive home she saw something crouched in the road on the right side. It looked to be fairly small possibly a child. She rolled her window down and asked if they were okay, and got no answer, only continued sobbing. She pulls over and gets out of the car walked up to whatever this was and attempted to ask if it needed any help. The thing stands up on two feet at over six feet and lets out a god awful screech and runs off of the road into some pretty dense woods near a tributary of the Kaskaskia river. She can't say it was a boy or a girl but can say she's never heard something like that before. She's pretty jarred by the experience. [sic]

-totalhhrbadass (

This happened about five years ago in Spain, Castilla to be more specific. It was me and my friend (Which I will call A from now on) in the car. Summer was ending and we were going to visit another friend that spent the entire summer in his country house (I will refer to him as B). I drove at night and switched with my friend during the day since we couldn't stop anywhere (there are small towns, but they're separated by too much distance). When we picked B he told us to rest while he drived. I decided to sleep in the back since I was the one who drove at night. I woke up when I felt the hit and heard my firends screaming about running over 'something', but instead of stopping to check B sped up and got us away from there. I looked back and caught a glimpse of the silhouette of a person, with the spine horribly broken, making the upper body hang in one side (like this but it snapped back into place and the thing walked out of the road. That is all I got for this story of mine. Posting it here made me feel better since none of my friends who were there want to talk about it. B, who was driving when it happened, attends art school so I will keep asking him to draw that thing.

UPDATE (I think?)

I'm finally back and this is as empty as I remember. I spent about three hours checking the area where I think it happened (no results). Then I went away from the road and found an animal skull, maybe from a horse? I don't think it is related but it's still weird. Took it with me back he's to get some pics [sic]

-Woodtoaster (

So tonight, my father saw a tall, incredibly thin figure run across the street and head into the cemetery located on the other side of the road.

He described the figure to be around 6'5-ish and had a "stick-like" body. Its body didn't seem put together like as if it was made of sticks, but like a solid being. It stood upright, ran on two legs, and was completely pale.

It didn't seem to have skin, but rather a "coating" or something similar, and it moved very smoothly. This thing managed to cross the entire street and enter the cemetery in a solid 5 or 6 strides, and in a matter of seconds.

I'm sorry that I couldn't give a better description, but my dad and I would really appreciate the help. This happened in Lockport NY, if this helps narrow anything down. [sic]

-Raineko1 (


  • Slender men are named for the infamous Creepypasta character of the same name.