The sewer humanoid was a strange humanoid cryptid that was caught on film in the sewer systems of the northwest side of England. The video was recorded in April of 2011.


The creature is evidently humanoid. The creature is very thin and possesses extremely long arms that nearly reach the ground. The creature's eyes appear to be luminous, and it is capable of moving at incredible speeds.

Possible Explanations

Hypotheses include:

  • Unknown humanoid species
  • Escaped zoo monkey


Evidence includes:

  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Video evidence


  • United Utilities regional wastewater network manager Mike Wood said: "Several of our employees have reported sightings of some kind of animal. We've reviewed the CCTV footage, and it certainly doesn't look like a typical sewer rat. We are hoping that the public can help us. The animal could possibly be a domestic pet or feasibly, an animal which has escaped from the zoo. It seems to be feeding on fat deposits which have built up on the inside of pipes."



Unidentified humanoid sewer creature CAUGHT ON TAPE

Unidentified humanoid sewer creature CAUGHT ON TAPE