The carnivorous pink cloud is a strange ghostly phenomenon that has supposedly been observed in the woods along the Tomoka River, west of Daytona, Florida. It has been blamed for numerous disappearances and the appearance of many carcasses.


The cloud has been described as being pink in color and hanging low to the ground, like morning fog. Other witnesses describe the cloud as being orange in color. Regardless of its color, the cloud has been blamed for many deaths and carcasses found in the woods. Legends state that the cloud is carnivorous and will suck the flesh off a person's bones.

Possible Explanations

Hypotheses include:

  • A ghost
  • A Native American curse
  • Toxic, radioactive gases
  • Natural swamp gas


  • For years, locals have told about a strange globe of light that would chase cars on Tomoka Road, but this light doesn’t seem related to the cloud.