Bottomless pits are holes in the ground or "pits" that are incredibly deep and appear to be bottomless. They allegedly appear all over the world and are reported fairly often.


The phenomenon manifests a large pit or hole that is abnormally deep, much deeper than any nearby cave systems. Things thrown into the holes are never seen again and no impact thuds or sounds are heard indicating a bottom.

Possible Explanations

Hypotheses include:

  • Exaggeration of pit depth


  • In Tacoma, Washington, a man named Johnson discovered a hole in his yard that was about four feet in diameter, with the sides of the top three feet all bricked. The man dropped about fifty feet of rope into the hole but failed to reach the bottom. Assuming that it was an abandoned well, he loaded it with old tires and eventually seemed close to being filled. Soon, Johnson saw that the tire level in the hole began dropping, as if it were "digesting the tires". Soon the top of the pile disappeared from sight.
  • According to legend, a man in Hannibal, Missouri, decided to climb down into a large pit on his property. He tied a rope to a nearby fence post and slid into the hole. Some friends discovered him shortly after he surfaced. His hair had turned white and he had gone insane.