The black flash, also known as the devil of the dunes and the Provincetown phantom, was a bizarre entity encountered many times, mostly by children, in Provincetown, Massachusetts, throughout 1939. He lurked around Provincetown jumping at people, laughing maniacally, and eluding pursuit with extreme agility and speed. Witnesses would report seeing the Black Flash in one location, and a minute later, other reports would come in of sightings across town.


The Black Flash was described as an impossibly tall, impossibly fast human-like creature who dressed all in black, with a black face, pointed ears, and silver eyes. According to witnesses, the Black Flash also made a loud buzzing sound.

Possible Explanations

Hypotheses include:

  • An interdimensional entity
  • A normal-but-creepy human being


Evidence includes:

  • Eyewitness testimony


  • The police believed the Black Flash was the work of practical jokers. Chief Anthony Tarvers claimed he knew the identity of the hoaxers, but he declined to name them. “The Black Flash is dead and buried,” he once said.